About 3y3net

3y3net is a personal project, there are no big companies or professional teams behind, so a section titled 'About 3y3net' should be in fact 'About me'. Anyway, I could not make all this stuff without some help.

There are a lot of people who assist me in many ways. My family, specially my wife makes room in the 'normal life schedule' so I can spent a couple of hours a day in 3y3net. Also many colleagues give advises, ideas and suggestions which helps me a lot. And the last but not the least, the Internet community provide me with an inexhaustible source of content, code, ideas and answers to my questions.

I always preffer to talk in plural, and use 'We' instead of 'I'. That is why this section is 'About 3y3net'.

So, what is 3y3net about? The story starts 5 years ago, when I receive an iPhone 3 as a Christmas present and I start to discover all the potencial of such piece of hardware.

I decide to buy a Mac and develop some stuff for this phone. By the way, I've more thar 25 years of experience as professional programmer, so the learning curve was really fast.

When I developed my first apps I never thought I can sell anything, after all, I made this code for fun. But as soon as my colleagues know what I do, I received some request for develope iPhone Apps. An Spanish art musseum guide, the official App for the Flamenco festival of Jerez, etc...

Suddenly I was plenty of extra-work and I was earning some buks... but never was money enough to give up my work. Anyway I realice that making apps for third people was boring and really sucks. You probably know that about the users and their requests... So I decided to sell my own apps in the iPhone App Store.

I was still earning some buks and still was no enough to give up my work... but I was happy with the apps I developed :) no users other than me, no ridiculous requests other than mine.

After a couple of years Android was a serious competitor and I was curious about the platform, so I learn the Android SDK and I developed some more apps for this platform with not many success.

"Remember, the things we do best are those that are born of motivation and not from a monthly paycheck"

In 2014 a colleague talk me about Unity 3D and I was still curious about this platform. When I was a child I love to develop games for the Spectrum computer and game coding is a thing I was always wish to do, but never consider it as a serious thing...

But as I start to learn Unity 3D I realize how fun and serious is game developing. In this year I developed some assets for the Unity Store and also earn some bucks... money enough to buy a professional license of Unity and start my first serious game, Solaria Moon, currently in concept state, but growing fast.

And this is the loop I made... I started making games for Spectrum computers when I was 14teen, I decided this is not a serious way to live and studied computer scnience. Then I worked in serious firms as developer and finally I realice that making games is serious and fun, and that is what I'm currently doing in my free time... by the moment!

Oh! by the way, my name is Javier Nieto, i born in 1970 in Spain and I start my professional career in 1989, with 19 years. Currently I'm working as technology consultant in a major bank in Spain.